Consumer alerts

As part of BSI’s ongoing commitment to raising industry standards, excellence in business practices and the protection of consumer rights, we have teamed up with the Government’s (OPSS) to develop a Code of Practice (PAS 7100) for UK product safety recalls.

Useful information regarding Trading Standards

You can check if a company has been certified by BSI here.


Making a complaint against a Company/goods/service

You can talk to one of our representatives to provide feedback relating to a product or service you have received from BSI. Please click here试看120秒小视频动态图 for more details.

Consumer issues will need to be discussed with the .

试看120秒小视频动态图If you would like to make a complaint regarding a company/goods/service you have received externally from BSI you will need to take this up with the organisation itself. For advice on this process, please visit the .


I want to Report a company

You can report a company to your local trading standards authority .

BSI plays a crucial role in providing excellence via the publication of British Standards and the many assurance related services we offer.

BSI does not offer any regulatory services and our database does not show all companies offering accreditation services.

You can check the validity of a BSI issued certificates here.


Trading Standards

试看120秒小视频动态图We maintain a close relationship with Trading Standards as we are contingent to their investigations.

If you have reported a company to Trading Standards, please be patient whilst this is being investigated. You should follow up any inquiries with the authority itself.

试看120秒小视频动态图When contacted by Trading Standards, BSI will assist them with their investigations. Please be advised that this is only upon the contact of the authority and with the authority itself. 

By the nature of Trading Standards investigations, our standards may need to be referenced during the process. Should this be the case, please be advised that Trading Standards have access to our database of standards. You will not need to purchase any standards, however if you still wish to do so, you can purchase online .


If your query is not addressed above, please contact our representatives here:

0345 086 9001